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There is a widespread perception that homoeopathy is slow to act. But it is a myth. In chronic ailment there is drastic improvement in 10 to 15 days while in acute case like fever, cold and cough there is changes in few minutes. To prove that and to guide other fellow members he had wrote a book on Acute cold and cough which has been helpful to many homoeopaths.


  • By Dr Sergio. R. Villavicencio
  • in [U.S.A]

‘’ I read your book and found it very interesting as an Boenninghausen algorithm for each remedy related to patient’s condition. I think it could be a great to use the same key to the COVID 19 using the stage of disease as a parameter’’.

  • By Dr Vydyanath Subramanian
  • in [Chennai]

‘’One of the best book on acute common respiratory problems such as col, cough etc. A good reading of this book is a boom to Homoeopath even in treating pandemics such as COVID 19 at its beginning stages itself and heal the patients without the need of Swab test’’.

  • By Dr Sandhya Bagul
  • in [Hyderabad]

‘’Book is awesome, simple and very useful especially to new learner and daily practitioners. The case discussed are described in analytical manner. All the best for your future’’.