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The doctor patient relationship is fiduciary in nature, meaning that is based on patient's trust or confidence in the doctor. Once established, this relationship creates certain obligations or duties that the doctor owes the patient. With this duties and responsibilities Bhagwati Homoeopathic clinic is dedicated for complete holistic care by expert doctors
Dr Ashwin Bhanushali Dr Bhavana Bhanushali Dr Urmila Khaniya Since last 17 yrs, thousands of patients have been treated by them. They had trained many doctors who are now well established as a practitioner. Clinic is situated at Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. They provide homoeopathic care to patients from all strata, age groups and from different part of world. Have patients from countries like Canada, USA, Australia, England, Spain and many more. They have documented cases of Uterine fibroid, Prostrate, Thyroid, Pcod which have been successfully cured with homoeopathy. They had arranged free camp for poor people in various parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Dr Ashwin Bhanushali

Dr Ashwin Sunderji Bhanushali has graduated from Yerala Medical Trust, Navi Mumbai which is one of the best institute in Asia, affiliated to the prestigious Bombay university. He had completed post graduation from Hahnemanian college of Homoeopathy, London.
A very good mentor, well skilled homoeopath having trustworthy relations with every patients. He is an author of book "Rapid Cure" which was published in 2019. This book has helped many homoeopaths to treat Viral upper respiratory tract infections. Book has been appreciated from doctor in America and also from different states of India.
He is a committee member of Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physician (IIHP) where he had conducted many Seminars which were appreciated by many doctors. He had conducted a webinar on the role of Homoeopathy in Covid case in which doctors from all over the world including London, Srilanka and different states of India had participated.

Dr Bhavana Bhanushali

Dr Bhavana Ashwin Bhanushali has graduated from Dapoli Homoeopathic College in 2002. She is senior in charge of the clinic. Her skills as a a clinician are excellent.
She has played a significant role in making a book of 'RAPID CURE'. She is a dedicated homoeopath with very well skilled knowledge about maintaining the life style for good health. She provide an ideal ground for new doctors to enhance their clinical and patient management skills.

Dr Urmila Khaniya

Dr Urmila Bharat Khaniya has graduated from Yeral Homoeopathic Medical college, Navi Mumbai. She had played a major role in development and progress of clinic.
She has a few special qualities which one doctor should have. Confident, Empathy, Skilled and focused. She shares a very good repo with patients with skill of a very active listener.
She has played a major role in arranging camps in different part of Navi Mumbai. She has conducted webinar on Burns at Navi Mumbai burn center situated in Airoli.

Meet Our Medical Team

post-graduation from Hahnemannian college of Homeopathy, London.
Graduated in Homeopathy
Graduated in Homeopathy