The reason of providing details about Homoeopathy to readers is to ensure that treatment given to patients are based on scientific principles of homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is a medical science founded by a German physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1796.

Principles of Homoeopathy –

1]. Law of Similia - System is based on the law ‘’Similia Similibus Currentur’’ which means ‘’Likes Cures Likes’’. The drug which is capable of producing symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms when it is given to a patient in the form of homoeopathic medicine.

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Is The Only Medical Speciality Which Has No Penalty.

Patient Testimonials

We are truly blessed to know Dr Bhanushali ji as a homoeopathic doctor from last six years. We are extremely happy with the science of Homoeopathy. The treatment is utmost safe and swift. We don’t have to worry about nasty side effects. We believe homoeopathy eradicated the illness from source and not just suppress the symptoms. We moved abroad but still consult Dr Bhanushali ji for every illness and he is very kind to help us out. We take homoeopathic medicine with great confidence and get equally great result.
We have been taking medical advice and medicine from Dr Bhanushali for approximately 3 years for Diabetes and Blood pressure. From very first day I find difference in myself. The doctor communication is very friendly and Family oriented. I also feel the price is reasonable as compared to high street doctors. I definitely recommend you all to use or get advice from this doctor.’’
Mr. Pawan abby , [England]