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Sign of Recovery


This is a unique topic covered through which patient can perceive that whether the treatment is going in right direction or not.
Initially, let us understand that how our body function in normal condition. All functions of body are directly or indirectly controlled by metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical process that occurs in living organism in order to maintain life.
To understand metabolism in a simpler way, let us compare it with flour mill. If speed of flour mill is normal then wheat which get spun against metal piece get grinded in normal flour size. However, if speed of flour mill slows down due to some reason, flour which grinded will be thicker than normal size and if speed is higher than required, size of flour will be thinner than the normal one. Similarly, if metabolism slows down, body start to accumulate component more than required.
1]. Increase accumulation of cholesterol in body result in heart blockage.
2]. Increase in calcium leads to stone in kidney, gall bladder.
3]. Increase in uric acid led to gout. This all diseases are outcome due disturbed metabolism. So, until and unless the speed of metabolism does not get normal, its end effect will remain same.

Homeopathy has the potential to regularize the metabolism, thus treating the body, holistically. Following are indications which one will experience within few days after receiving a perfect medicine. 1]. Patient will experience well-being and freshness.
2]. General symptoms like Appetite, Bowel moment, Sleep will function normal.
3]. Symptoms will subside above downward; it may be Joint pain or Skin ailment. Initially there will be changes in upper part of body and then lower part.
4]. Medicine will enhance the process of detoxification.


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